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After their success in real estate as well as on the A&E series, the pair decided to turn their efforts toward education and learning. With a pitch of using their knowledge to assist people who "genuinely want a fantastic possibility of becoming rich," the couple introduced a nation-wide collection of totally free seminars and also workshops.According to Pop Sugar, who has actually accused the pair of scamming their clients, participants of the seminars as well as workshops have taken to online message boards as well as YouTube videos to share simply exactly how unhappy they were with the program. The workshop apparently begins with a free sneak peek occasion that targets people that intend to make their fortunes flipping houses. They guarantee no experience is needed as well as there are no strings connected. According to people that have participated in the workshops, the preview is primarily a three-hour pitch to entice guests to pay $2,000 momentarily, extra intensive three-day workshop. Those who made the investment in the three-day occasion got yet one more pitch to invest in the next degree that costs a whopping $30,000. In his YouTube review, Ruben Ponce defined the seminar: "When we obtained there, it was absolutely nothing like how they pitched it," he claimed. It must be kept in mind that while Pop Sugar asserts the pair is scamming at risk individuals really hoping to make their lot of money in flipping residence, no one is cheated from their loan. Rather, they are constantly given the selection of whether to spend or otherwise spend.

Scott and also Amie have actually each made a ton of money over the previous 20 years in the real estate service, and also they share an approach of offering back to the neighborhood. As of 2014, Scott as well as Amie each had a web well worth of around $5 million and also feel extremely strongly concerning sharing their great fortune. In one episode of Flipping Vegas, the Yanceys are seen contributing a home to a homeless wounded expert in demand.
"The recording process really had not been the most delightful thing we've ever done, especially in the warm Las Vegas weather condition," Scott stated in the intro to his publication, Go Time: How to Make Insane Money from Today's Real Estate Market. A successful real estate representative in her own right, Amie has sold even more than 700 houses on her own because relocating to Vegas with Scott in 2004. When not grabbing up actual estate or saying over a style information on a home she and Scott are flipping, she can typically be found with her equines or on one of eight motorbikes that she possesses.
Scott states audiences of the program are really just seeing a photo of their real life. Scott keeps in mind audiences are just shown the stress and anxiety that results in their high-tension, high-speed mission to conquer the real estate land of plenty in Vegas. For the most part, Scott claims, the program is modified for dramatic objectives and does not mirror the real Yanceys.
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I needed to develop an IMDb account simply so I could assess this program. Thereare some appealing horrible fact TV shows out there, but this is by FARthe worst I have ever seen. When I transformed iton so I left the program on, the TELEVISION was on this network. I usually such as home remodel programs as well as houseflipping shows. This was excruciating to also have in the backgroundwhile I started cleansing my home. It's so scripted and the person is atotal jerk. The female has the ugliest cosmetic surgery of all time andis extremely whiny. The fake drama is crazy, I could not manage it. Ihad to shut off the TELEVISION as well as create this testimonial instantly to make sure that theproducers will cancel this program ASAP!!! Nobody should be subjected towatching this, I feel bad for all the editors that have to actuallywatch all the video of this show and also placed it with each other. Terribleterrible dreadful



When not grabbing up genuine estate or saying over a layout detail on a residence she and also Scott are flipping, she could generally be found with her equines or on one of 8 motorcycles that she owns. Scott claims visitors of the show are truly just seeing a picture of their real life. Scott notes audiences are only shown the anxiety that results in their high-tension, high-speed objective to overcome the actual estate land of lots in scott yancey Vegas. For the most component, why not look here Scott claims, the program is edited for dramatic objectives and doesn't mirror the actual Yanceys. "Walt has educated me quite a lot every little thing I understand concerning real estate," Scott said in the introduction to his book, Go Time: How to Make Insane Money from Today's Real Estate Market.

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